Siege Mech

siege mech boss the ascent wiki guide
Location The Cosmodrome, Sub-Sector 41A, The Glut
Weakness Energy Damage
Ballistic Damage
Reward/s Astrosmasher

Siege Mech is a Boss in The Ascent. Bosses are special Enemies that are uniquely named and must be defeated in order to unlock new areas, to progress the game, and to obtain various rewards. You can find relevant information and guides on how to defeat Siege Mech.


Siege Mech Location



Siege Mech Rewards



Siege Mech Strategies

Strategy Writeup

You'll first encounter the Siege Mech during the Main Mission, Trading Places, and then you'll encoutner two more during Root Access. You've probably acquired a strong AR from one of the enemies that drop it, which is the HMG-42 Dominator. Use this since it has a large clip and a decent amount of damage.

The Siege Mech has three attacks. First attack is it shoots out a slow moving missiles, second is where it shoots a Gatling Gun, and the other is an heavy barrage of missiles. All three of these attacks will have an indicator on the ground which will help you identify where the attacks will hit. As long as you are not within its radius, you won't take damage. The key here is to keep moving while you shoot, just like previous bosses you've encountered.

The tricky part is the missiles, since you will need to roll away multiple times to avoid getting hit by the impact of the missile. Using your Hydraulic Slam augmentation can also help you stagger it for a brief moment. The Shockwave Grenade can also briefly stun this mechanical boss allowing you to counter-attack before it recovers.


Attacks & Counters

Attack Counter
Gatling Gun Uses a Gatling Gun where a half-arc in red will appear on the ground. This indicates where the shots will land, move away from its radius.
Homing Missiles Shoots out slow moving homing missles on your last location. Red circles will appear on the ground. This indicates where the missiles will land. Simply dodge roll out of its radius.
Missile Barrage Releases a barrage of missiles in front of the mech. A large area in a red rectangle will appear on the ground. Dodge to the sides or backward to move away from its radius.



Siege Mech Lore

Wuyun Siege Mechs are made for large scale battles, industrial warfare and urban sieges where collateral damage is a non-issue. Armed with missiles and miniguns, they can lay down heavy barrages, and their overwhelming size belie on impressive movement speed. Don't count on them being slow, and wherever they pass the ground breaks beneath them.


Siege Mech Notes & Trivia

  • Two siege mechs appear as an elite enemy moving forward when you revisit areas such as the Deepstink during the main mission Root Access.



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