Pocket Mech

physical-icon-weapon-equipment-stat-the-ascent-wiki-guide Charge 1500
Tactical Type Lethal Gadget
Tactical Effect Deploy an exoskeleton mech suit.

Pocket Mech is a Tactical Item in The Ascent. Tactical Items are Weapons that take up the third Tactical slot in the Loadout menu, unlike the regular Guns that take up a player's Primary and Secondary slot. These weapons include different gadgets and throwables that can deal damage or apply a Status Effect.


Instaprints a fully functioning Ronin 3000 Mecha Suit. Let your enemies think they have the upper hand then surprise them with sudden and overwhelming firepower!


Pocket Mech Information

  • Tactical Charge: 1500
  • Tactical Type: Lethal Gadget
  • Tactical Item Effect: Deploy an exoskeleton mech suit.



Where to Find Pocket Mech



 Pocket Mech Notes, Tips, & Trivia

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    • Anonymous

      02 Aug 2021 12:37  

      The pocket mech seems to have a glitch where if you are buffed by overclock, you do not receive the mechs damage reduction. Unfortunate as the two seem to be made to be used together.

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