Pocket Mech

pocket mech tacticals icon weapons items the ascent wiki guide
physical icon weapon equipment stat the ascent wiki guide Charge 1500
Tactical Type Lethal Gadget
Tactical Effect Deploy an exoskeleton mech suit.

Pocket Mech is a Tactical Item in The Ascent. Tactical Items are Weapons that take up the third Tactical slot in the Loadout menu, unlike the regular Guns that take up a player's Primary and Secondary slot. These weapons include different gadgets and throwables that can deal damage or apply a Status Effect.


Instaprints a fully functioning Ronin 3000 Mecha Suit. Let your enemies think they have the upper hand then surprise them with sudden and overwhelming firepower!


Pocket Mech Information

  • Tactical Charge: 1500
  • Tactical Type: Lethal Gadget
  • Tactical Item Effect: Deploy an exoskeleton mech suit.



Where to Find Pocket Mech



 Pocket Mech Notes, Tips, & Trivia

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    • Anonymous

      The pocket mech seems to have a glitch where if you are buffed by overclock, you do not receive the mechs damage reduction. Unfortunate as the two seem to be made to be used together.

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