PLM22 Surge

plm22 surge tactical cyber warrior pack dlc ascent wiki guide 300px min
physical icon weapon equipment stat the ascent wiki guide Charge __dps__
Tactical Type Lethal Mine
Tactical Effect __effect__

PLM22 Surge is a DLC Tactical Item from the Cyber Warrior Pack in The Ascent. Tactical Items are Weapons that take up the third Tactical slot in the Loadout menu, unlike the regular Guns that take up a player's Primary and Secondary slot. These weapons include different gadgets and throwables that can deal damage or apply a Status Effect.


Mainly used as a defence against monobot and robot units, these charged proximity mines comes packed with a very strong digital blast that'll fry most nearby systems.


PLM22 Surge Information

  • Tactical Charge: __dps__
  • Tactical Type: Lethal Mine
  • Tactical Item Effect: __effect__



Where to Find PLM22 Surge



 PLM22 Surge Notes, Tips, & Trivia

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