Halloween Pack

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Name The Ascent - Halloween Pack
Release Date December 15, 2021
Genre  Action-RPG
Platform/s Windows (Steam)
Xbox Consoles
PlayStation Consoles
Price Free (Halloween Pack)
$29.99 (Base Game)
Developer Neon Giant
Publisher Curve Games

Halloween Pack for The Ascent is a DLC pack available for free on designated platforms to fit the season. Halloween Pack adds new apparels to the game to add to the long list of looks and aesthetic combinations. This includes a new makeshift hand grenade and three new fashion apparels.


Black Market. It’s a pumpkin.

Appearing out of nowhere one Winter-cycle, this headgear is the choice of many thugs looking to trick unlucky habbers into giving them treats.

Many argue over the Jack-o’-lantern being a fruit or vegetable, when it is in fact a piece of highly flame retardant headgear with interior lit lighting. Ideal for those cool dark nights when you are tempted to get a little too close to the heat of a Magmamaker.

Halloween Pack Key Features

The Halloween pack also includes:


Halloween Pack Overview

A free additional Halloween update that comes with a set of extra Halloween gear to go with the spooky season. This pack is available with the main game update, which includes photo mode,  and comes with a Halloween pumpkin.


How do I Download the Halloween DLC?

This content requires the base game, The Ascent, to play.

  • The base game, The Ascent must be owned or purchased before the Cyber Warrior Pack can be accessed. It is currently available on PC, Xbox (and GamePass), and more recently, PlayStation consoles.
  • This DLC will be available as a free download from various online store platforms such as Steam on the PC.


Halloween Pack New Features

Halloween Pack Includes:

  • Skeleton Shirt
  • Skull Face Tattoo


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