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physical icon weapon equipment stat the ascent wiki guide Charge __dps__
Tactical Type Cluster Grenade
Tactical Effect __effect__

GR00P is a Tactical Item in The Ascent. Tactical Items are Weapons that take up the third Tactical slot in the Loadout menu, unlike the regular Guns that take up a player's Primary and Secondary slot. These weapons include different gadgets and throwables that can deal damage or apply a Status Effect.


Cluster Grenade


GR00P Information

  • Tactical Charge: __dps__
  • Tactical Type: Cluster Grenade
  • Tactical Item Effect: __effect__



Where to Find GR00P

  • This Item can be obtained after purchasing the CyberSec Pack DLC.
  • This item can be purchased from Vendors for ucredits icon vendor currency the ascent wiki guide 20px UCREDs.



 GR00P Notes, Tips, & Trivia

  • ???
  • Other notes, tips, and trivia go here



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