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City Kicker is a Cyberdeck tool in The Ascent. Cyberdeck is a tool that provides the player with the ability to hack. In The Ascent, there are many features that you can hack such as doors, chests, ATMs, vending machines, turrets, and many more. By default, you start off with a basic cyberdeck, but as you progress and explore, you can obtain various cyberdeck upgrades that boost the hacking capabilities of the interface.


Entry level stuff for the delinquent and misguided. The City Kicker has mroe copies than most cyberdecks due to the simplicity of software combined with the immediate thrill of controlling your surrounding.


City Kicker Information

Listed below indicates the ICE tier level and different features that this tool can hack. City Kicker Cyberdeck hacking capabilities:

  • Analyze: YES
  • Doors: ICE 1
  • Chests: NO
  • ATM: NO
  • Turrets: NO
  • MISC: NO


Where to Find City Kicker

  • Found during the main mission, Trading Places.
  • You can find it in the living room area of the coders' hideout in Coder's Cove after speaking to Noghead. Just go through the door that's adjacent to Noghead's location. The cyberdeck is next to the door inside the living room.


City Kicker Notes, Tips, & Trivia

Hacking Environment

  • Hack everything within cyberdeck reach by holding C. Many objects in the world require a cyberdeck capable of hacking that particular type. What your cyberdeck can hack can be read in the Journal's Character screen and most things hackable in the world are indicated by the color Yellow.
  • Doors and Chests can even be protected by more and more complicated ICE and as such, require even more powerful cyberdecks. Upgrade your deck and increase its capabilities by finding Cyberdeck Upgrades in the world.


  • ICE (Intrusion Countermeasure Electronics) is security software put in place to prevent hostile hacking attempts. It comes in many forms and different complexity. When attempting to override lacks in the world, it might require a cyberdeck capable of breaking said ICE.
  • If an enemy hacker sets out to hack you: bring up your cyberdeck quickly to deploy Black ICE to counter and send them a happy surprise.



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