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Bounties Collector (Bartender) is a Merchant in The Ascent. A merchant is a classification of an NPC where players can purchase and sell various items and equipment in exchange for ucredits-icon-vendor-currency-the-ascent-wiki-guide-20pxUCREDs (Money). Merchants appear in various Locations. especially in citites or hubs such as Cluster 13, it is important as well to remember that a merchant's inventory updates everytime you complete a Main Mission, so make sure to check a shop to find new items added for sale.


Bounties Collector (Bartender) Information

  • The Bartender is an NPC merchant where players can turn in coolected bounties in exchange for rewards such as UCREDs.
  • Certain enemies are known trouble makers and have a bounty on their head. Defeat an enemy with a bounty and collect proof to be able to claim the reward at any bartender on Veles.
  • But be careful; bounties have various boosts in combat making them tougher. Check your currently collected Bounties in the Journal and don't forget to claim the rewards.
  • Bounties appear randomly in different times of your playthrough. However, these bounties can be found in specific locations.
  • You'll normally see a bounty strolling around different parts of an area along with a group of enemies. To identify if there is a nearby bounty, your IMP will notify if you there is one nearby and it will tell you the level of its threat, if it is an average type or a dangerous target.
  • Another way to distinguish if it is a bounty is that the enemy has a unique name shown at the top of its health bar.
  • If you are out of ucredits-icon-vendor-currency-the-ascent-wiki-guide-20pxUCREDs, you can sell duplicate Weapons, Armor, Tactical Items, Augmentations, and Modules.


Bounties Collector (Bartender) Location


Bounties Collector (Bartender) Bounty List

Bounty Name Reward/s Bounty Location
******* Arpad 1000ucredits-icon-vendor-currency-the-ascent-wiki-guide-20px The Warrens
Boastful Cyno 1000ucredits-icon-vendor-currency-the-ascent-wiki-guide-20px Cosmodrome
Bullet Basle 1000ucredits-icon-vendor-currency-the-ascent-wiki-guide-20px The Warrens
Busy Ulf 1000ucredits-icon-vendor-currency-the-ascent-wiki-guide-20px The Umbilical
Cheerful Zhora 1000ucredits-icon-vendor-currency-the-ascent-wiki-guide-20px Nitroad
Considerate Seiji 1000ucredits-icon-vendor-currency-the-ascent-wiki-guide-20px Gemini Stacks
Courageous Viljo 1000ucredits-icon-vendor-currency-the-ascent-wiki-guide-20px Tham's Gate
Cynical Chung-Hee 1000ucredits-icon-vendor-currency-the-ascent-wiki-guide-20px The Warrens
Cynical Hudson 1000ucredits-icon-vendor-currency-the-ascent-wiki-guide-20px Scrapland
Dodgy Izidor 1000ucredits-icon-vendor-currency-the-ascent-wiki-guide-20px The Warrens
Disgruntled Demeter 1000ucredits-icon-vendor-currency-the-ascent-wiki-guide-20px Nitroad
Dreamer Ferko 1000ucredits-icon-vendor-currency-the-ascent-wiki-guide-20px CorpZone
Energetic Domonique 1000ucredits-icon-vendor-currency-the-ascent-wiki-guide-20px Outskirts
Fashionable Chidynast 1000ucredits-icon-vendor-currency-the-ascent-wiki-guide-20px RBM-5
Fun-Loving Parris 1000ucredits-icon-vendor-currency-the-ascent-wiki-guide-20px The Glut
Heavy Bria 1000ucredits-icon-vendor-currency-the-ascent-wiki-guide-20px Cosmodrome
Independent Raze 1000ucredits-icon-vendor-currency-the-ascent-wiki-guide-20px The Umbilical
Intriguing Seiji 1000ucredits-icon-vendor-currency-the-ascent-wiki-guide-20px CorpZone
Intriguing Suk-Chin 1000ucredits-icon-vendor-currency-the-ascent-wiki-guide-20px The Glut
Joyful Frost 1000ucredits-icon-vendor-currency-the-ascent-wiki-guide-20px Abandoned Garage, Grinder
Joyful Tyrell 1000ucredits-icon-vendor-currency-the-ascent-wiki-guide-20px CorpZone
Kind Game 1000ucredits-icon-vendor-currency-the-ascent-wiki-guide-20px The Node
Keen Buck 1000ucredits-icon-vendor-currency-the-ascent-wiki-guide-20px The Warrens
Light-Hearted Arcade 1000ucredits-icon-vendor-currency-the-ascent-wiki-guide-20px CorpZone
Light-Hearted Hiroshi 1000ucredits-icon-vendor-currency-the-ascent-wiki-guide-20px CorpZone
Likable Maro 1000ucredits-icon-vendor-currency-the-ascent-wiki-guide-20px The Umbilical
Manage Viljo 1000ucredits-icon-vendor-currency-the-ascent-wiki-guide-20px The Warrens
Nefarious Radius 1000ucredits-icon-vendor-currency-the-ascent-wiki-guide-20px The Warrens
Reserved Hyeon 1000ucredits-icon-vendor-currency-the-ascent-wiki-guide-20px The Glut
Shy North 1000ucredits-icon-vendor-currency-the-ascent-wiki-guide-20px Nitroad
Short Deice 1000ucredits-icon-vendor-currency-the-ascent-wiki-guide-20px Tham's Gate
Silly Being 1000ucredits-icon-vendor-currency-the-ascent-wiki-guide-20px RBM-5
Standard Ha-Jun 1000ucredits-icon-vendor-currency-the-ascent-wiki-guide-20px CorpZone
Street Meat Being 1000 ucredits-icon-vendor-currency-the-ascent-wiki-guide-20px Pod Lot
Stereotypical Young-Ho 1000ucredits-icon-vendor-currency-the-ascent-wiki-guide-20px CorpZone
Tantalizing Moya 1000ucredits-icon-vendor-currency-the-ascent-wiki-guide-20px dNexus
Toothpick Radius 1000ucredits-icon-vendor-currency-the-ascent-wiki-guide-20px Bloosom Hills
Tough Eetu 1000ucredits-icon-vendor-currency-the-ascent-wiki-guide-20px Grinder
Typical Jurriaan 1000ucredits-icon-vendor-currency-the-ascent-wiki-guide-20px The Warrens
Ugly Linus 1000ucredits-icon-vendor-currency-the-ascent-wiki-guide-20px dNexus


Bounties Collector (Bartender) Notes & Tips

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