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Black Lake Tower is a Location featured in The AscentLocations in The Ascent refer to all the specific areas within the futuristic arcology of Veles, which are now occupied by different Factions following the collapse of the mega-corporation, The Ascent Group. As a result, unique NPCs and Enemies can be found across different locations within The Ascent galaxy. This page serves to include all relevant information and data found in Black Lake Tower.


Black Lake Tower Information

Black Lake, or B-stack, was never properly finished before catastrophe struck. Built in the same vein as A-stack, B-stack was zoned was a residential and party commercial area but when the external contracting firm hired to do the work ended up in a bitter financial dispute with the Ascent Group, construction was temporarily put on halt. In the meantime, hap-less indents, vagrants, lesser gangs and other undesirables quickly took up residence in the partly finished had units inter-gait rivalry resulted in constant fighting and corpSec, having no financial interests in maintaining order in the area, stayed away.

The financial dispute ended with the sudden assimilation and dissolution of the construction firm by the Ascent Group, but B-stack remained unfinished and infested with crime. A drastic solution was suggested, and enacted - to flood the entire area to flush out the squatters and clean out the filth. It is unclear what went wrong, but some suspect a virus created by the construction firm SI before it was shut down. Regardless, the flooding was a bit too collapsed - allowing cast pools to farm, and putting several levels of B-stack underwater.

By now the cast projections had shot through the roof, and instead of trying to drain and finish B-stack, the Ascent Group discarded it as a loss. It has been officially abandoned ever since.



NPCs in Black Lake Tower

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